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You can be billed based on an actual meter reading each month
Avoid estimated billing by sending us a meter reading for the months when we are not reading your meter or it is not convenient for you to provide access for our meter readers – find out how.                                                                         
Have pets?
Consider these tips for the days we're reading the meter.
Submit a Meter Reading
Use our online form to submit your meter reading. You can type in the number or position the dials to match your meter.
Reading Your Meter 
Always receive a bill based
on actual use by sending us
a meter reading. We’ll show
you how. It’s easy!
Reading Reminders 
Our Meter Reading Reminder Service notifies you by text message, e-mail  or phone when it’s time to read the meter.
Your Next Read Date
When is your next reading due?  Log in to find out when you should take another reading.
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