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New! NYSEG Alerts
Now you have an easy way to stay informed about your NYSEG account. Sign up for NYSEG Alerts! You can choose which alerts you want to receive and how you want to receive them - by text message, email, phone, or all three. 
Types of Alerts
Outage Alerts: Stay informed if the power goes out. Receive notifications with the latest information about your power outage, and we'll notify you:  
  • If we're tracking severe weather that could cause power outages in your area
  • If we detect a power outage in your area, with the estimated time
    we’ll have power restored
  • If the estimated restoration time changes
  • Once we have restored power in your area
  • We'll also notify you of any upcoming system improvements in  your area
  • New! Text STATUS for an update
Meter Read Reminder Alerts: Receive a bill based on actual energy usage each month. It's easy when you receive a convenient reminder on the months we're scheduled to estimate energy usage. You can provide your meter readings:  
  • By using our online meter reading form
  • New! By texting READ to 697348
  • By calling our self service line at
Now, two-way texting!
We've added new texting options to our NYSEG Alerts service for you! If you've signed up to receive Outage Alerts or Meter Read Reminder Alerts by text message, now you can text any of the keywords below to us at 697348 and receive the following information on your account.
How it works:
Get started online
  • Log in to your online NYSEG account, or simply create an account if you don’t have one
Choose the alerts you want and how you want to receive them
  • Enter your contact information for each of the alerts you'd like to receive
  • Receive alerts by text message, email, voice message, or all three
  • Add up to five contacts for each type of delivery method (text message, email and/or voice message)
Choose when you want to receive Outage Alerts
  • For Outage Alerts, you may select a Do Not Disturb time if there are certain hours during the day that you don’t want to receive alerts
Once you sign up
  • If you choose to receive alerts by text message, the first time  you add a cell phone number, you'll receive a text message asking to confirm your enrollment. Reply "Yes" to complete your enrollment and you're done! (You only need to do this once per phone number)
  • You can change your contact information or stop receiving alerts at any time
More information
Outage Alerts Benefits 
Sign up for NYSEG Alerts and we'll notify you:
  • If we detect an outage at your location with the estimated time power will be restored
  • If the estimated restoration time changes
  • When power is restored
Meter Read Reminder Alerts Benefits
Sign up for NYSEG Alerts and you will:
  • Receive a convenient reminder to provide a meter reading
  • Have a better understanding of your monthly energy usage
  • Receive an actual bill each month
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